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Jimmy Holland

Project Manager

Describe what you do
I look for interesting and enjoyable opportunities for the children and young people in the schools we work with and then develop projects around them.  For example, I’ve been liaising with The Climbing Hangar (Liverpool) to introduce pupils to the sport of bouldering (indoor climbing).  For the first time ever bouldering will be an event at the Olympics in Tokyo this summer and I believe we could have future Olympic champions within our schools.  Food For Thought and The Climbing Hangar will be running an inter-school bouldering competition in the autumn of 2021 and I’m excited about the prospect of pupils participating in our first ever event.  Ultimately, I’m passionate about enhancing the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of children and young people and supporting them to grow into resilient, confident adults.

When did you join?
September 2016

What is your favourite food to eat/make?
I love a good roast dinner