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Stir Fry Vegetables with Spaghetti

10 Portions

Spaghetti 300g

Carrot – Peeled and grated 200g

Mange tout 200g

Mixed peppers – Sliced 200g

Red onion – Sliced 200g

Spring onion – Sliced 50g

Soy Sauce To taste

Corriander – Chopped 50g

Garlic- Diced 1 clove

Olive oil For frying


50 Portions

Spaghetti 1.5kg

Carrot – Peeled and grated 1kg

Mange tout 1kg

Mixed peppers – Sliced 1kg

Red onion – Sliced 1kg

Spring onion – Sliced 250g

Soy Sauce To taste

Corriander – Chopped 250g

Garlic- Diced 0.5 bulb

Olive oil For frying


100 Portions

Spaghetti 3kg

Carrot – Peeled and grated 2kg

Mange tout 2kg

Mixed peppers – Sliced 2kg

Red onion – Sliced 2kg

Spring onion – Sliced 500g

Soy Sauce To taste

Corriander – Chopped 500g

Garlic- Diced 1 bulb

Olive oil For frying


  1. Cook the spaghetti in boiling water for 12-15 minutes or until ‘al dente’
  2. Using a wok, in batches stir fry all vegetables and garlic
  3. Once cooked mix well with spaghetti
  4. Season with soy sauce to taste
  5. Sprinkle with chopped corriander
Key Points

Wheat, Soya