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Rice Pudding

10 Portions

Pudding rice 250g

Condensed Milk 160g

Caster Sugar 100g

Milk 700ml

Nutmeg pinch


50 Portions

Pudding rice 1.25kg

Condensed Milk 790g

Caster Sugar 500g

Milk 3.5ltr

Nutmeg pinch


100 Portions

Pudding rice 2.5kg

Condensed Milk 1.58kg

Caster Sugar 1kg

Milk 7ltr

Nutmeg 1 tsp


  1. Using a double boiler – (or in baking dishes in the oven) mix the pudding rice, condensed milk, sugar and milk
  2. Cook for around 1 hour depending on the cooking method used until the rice has absorbed the milk mixture, stirring regularly
  3. Add the nutmeg at the last minute and stir in well
  4. Serve with jam or fresh fruit
Key Points
  • Adding some mixed spice to this recipe will add a nice flavour