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Dutch Farm

Fact file

Location: Garston, Liverpool
Mission: Provide a therapeutic horticultural environment for members of the Liverpool YMCA
Who lives here: Pigs, chickens and ducks
What we grow: Organic sweetcorn, strawberries, globe artichokes, carrots hazelnuts and eggs


Report 001: The Day 4 Schools Took Over The Farm

It was July 2017 when assorted children and other animals came to visit from Millstead, The Trinity, Belle Vale and Norman Pannell schools.

First the pupils got a tour of the farm, but they were soon put to work, digging and weeding the raised plant beds, feeding the animals and collecting freshly laid eggs. Their brains were given a work out too with a plant identification challenge. The bit everyone liked most, though, was creating their own pizzas which were then cooked on the wood-fired oven by Tom and Mike from Food For Thought. We are happy to report that no children were put in the oven.

The weather was superb and all the pupils really enjoyed their day out. Why not give your school the chance to visit us too?

Report 002: Sowing The Seeds of Friendship

On a grey July day Dutch Farm was brightened by a visit from Sow The City, an award-winning social enterprise based in Manchester dedicated to making their city a healthier and greener place.

Simon and Tom from Food For Thought made fresh pizzas and cooked them in the wood-fired oven. The main course was followed by courgette cake baked by Tom’s own fair hands, using produce from Dutch Farm. We hope to host more community-building and friendship-forging events again in the near future.