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Ma’amoul Cookie

10 Portions

Maragrine 100g

Caster sugar 100g

Chopped dates 80g

Rice crispies 80g

Icing sugar For dusting


50 Portions

Maragrine 500g

Caster sugar 500g

Chopped dates 400g

Rice crispies 400g

Icing sugar For dusting


100 Portions

Maragrine 1kg

Caster sugar 1kg

Chopped dates 800g

Rice crispies 800g

Icing sugar For dusting


  1. Melt Margarine in a heavy bottomed pan
  2. Add sugar and dates and stir until sugar is dissolved
  3. Bring to the boil, simmer until dates have softened and there is a frothiness in the mixture
  4. Add rice crispies and mix well
  5. Press evenly into a cling film lined tray
  6. Leave to set
  7. Cut into triangles and dust with icing sugar when cool
Key Points
  • This recipe is best produced on the day you serve it

Barley, Milk