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The benefits of being part of Food For Thought

What’s in it for schools?

  • Good value, high quality, enticing, tasty and healthy school meals for every pupil
  • No restrictions on portion sizes; our take-what-you-need policy means all pupils can get enough to eat, every school day
  • Any financial surplus we generate is paid back in projects that support schools and communities
  • Access to our amazing chefs who can come and attend schools for cookery classes or special events
  • Links with local urban farming projects so pupils can learn where their food really comes from

What’s in it for suppliers?


  • A reliable revenue stream to support ongoing investment in organic produce
  • Recognition of their high production standards

What’s in it for Food For Thought?

  • The opportunity to make a difference in our communities
  • A chance to grow, extending the Food For Thought offering to more schools and more pupils