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Iced Finger Buns

10 Portions

Strong Flour 300g

Caster Sugar 30g

Spread 24g

Free Range Eggs 1

Dried Active Yeast 9g

Salt pinch

Warm Milk 90ml

Warm Water 40ml

Icing Sugar 120g

Cold Water 3ml


50 Portions

Strong Flour 1.5kg

Caster Sugar 150g

Spread 120g

Free Range Eggs 6

Dried Active Yeast 42g

Salt 15g

Warm Milk 450ml

Warm Water 200ml

Icing Sugar 600g

Cold Water 15ml


100 Portions

Strong Flour 3kg

Caster Sugar 300g

Spread 240g

Free Range Eggs 12

Dried Active Yeast 85g

Salt 30g

Warm Milk 900ml

Warm Water 400ml

Icing Sugar 1,200g

Cold Water 30ml


  1. In a planetary mixer add the strong flour, caster sugar, spread, yeast, eggs, salt and warm milk and mix slowly using the dough hook
  2. Add the warm water slowly until a soft dough is formed
  3. Kneed using the mixer for 10 minutes until smooth and elastic
  4. Allow to prove in a warm place, with a damp tea towel covering for 1 hour or until doubled in size
  5. Knock-back to remove the air from the dough and tip out onto a floured surface
  6. Split the dough into manageable pieces and roll into long ‘sausages’ about 2.5cm in diameter
  7. Cut the ‘sausage’ into 8 cm pieces and arrange on a greased baking tray allowing enough room for them to double in size once more (do not worry if they touch slightly)
  8. Cook in a preheated oven at 220˚C for 10mins until lightly browned and transfer to a cooling rack to cool
  9. Make the icing by mixing the icing sugar and water (this should be quite thick)
  10. Once the buns are cool, dip into the icing and allow to set
Key Points
  • This recipe is best made and served on the same day

Wheat, Milk, Eggs