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10 Portions

Porridge oats 200g

Golden syrup 90g

Caster sugar 140g

Margarine 140g


50 Portions

Porridge oats 1x 1kg

Golden syrup 1x 454g

Caster sugar 700g

Margarine 700g


100 Portions

Porridge oats 2x 1kg

Golden syrup 2x 454g

Caster sugar 1.4kg

Margarine 1.4kg


  1. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan melt the margarine
  2. Add the sugar and syrup, heat until just bubbling
  3. Add the porridge oats and mix very well
  4. Line 4 trays with either parchment paper or cling-film and evenly fill with mixture
  5. Bake in the oven at 160˚C for 20 minutes – NO LONGER
  6. Allow to cool and tip out of the tray, cut whilst still slightly warm
Key Points
  1. Why not double up your required portions and freeze some flapjacks down for next time it is on the menu.

Oats, Milk