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Cowboy Casserole

10 Portions

Sausages 10

Bacon 250g

Baked beans 500g

Chopped tomatoes 250g

Sterling BBQ Sauce To taste

Onion- Diced 100g

Garlic – Diced 1 clove

Mixed herbs pinch

Olive oil For frying


50 Portions

Sausages 50

Bacon 1.25 kg

Baked beans 2.5kg

Chopped tomatoes 1.25kg

Sterling BBQ Sauce To taste

Onion- Diced 500g

Garlic – Diced 3 cloves

Mixed herbs 1 tsp

Olive oil For frying


100 Portions

Sausages 100

Bacon 2.25kg

Baked beans 5kg

Chopped tomatoes 2.5kg

Sterling BBQ Sauce To taste

Onion- Diced 1kg

Garlic – Diced 5 cloves

Mixed herbs 1 tbsp

Olive oil For frying


  1. Cook sausages until browned and at least 75˚C
  2. Cook bacon on a baking tray until 75˚C
  3. Allow both to cool slightly before slicing
  4. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan heat enough oil for frying
  5. Add the diced onion cook for 2 minutes stirring well
  6. Add the garlic and cook for 1 minutes, then add the mixed herbs
  7. Add the chopped tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes
  8. Add the baked beans
  9. Add the cooked bacon and sausage
  10. Add BBQ sauce to taste
  11. Bring to a simmer and allow to cook for 40 minutes, adjusting consistency if necessary
Key Points
  • This dish can be served with mash, rice or pasta.

Wheat, Sulphites