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Caribbean Punch

10 Portions

Fresh Orange Juice 400ml

Fresh Pineapple Juice 400ml

Fresh Pomegranate Juice 200ml

Sliced Lemons 1

Sliced Limes 1

Diced Pears 1


50 Portions

Fresh Orange Juice 2ltr

Fresh Pineapple Juice 2ltr

Fresh Pomegranate Juice 1ltr

Sliced Lemons 5

Sliced Limes 5

Diced Pears 5


100 Portions

Fresh Orange Juice 4ltr

Fresh Pineapple Juice 4ltr

Fresh Pomegranate Juice 2ltr

Sliced Lemons 10

Sliced Limes 10

Diced Pears 10


  1. Mix the juices & fruit together
  2. Serve in 7oz tumbler
Key Points
  • You could add other fruits to this recipe