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Beef Bourguignon

10 Portions

Diced Beef 600g

Onions 200g

Chantenay Carrots 400g

Silverskin Onions 180g

Bacon Lardons 50g

Red cooking wine 100ml

Onions – diced 100g

Garlic – diced 1 clove

Thyme – chopped 3 sprigs

Tomato Puree 1 tsp

Salt To taste

Pepper To taste

Olive oil For frying


50 Portions

Diced Beef 3kg

Onions 1kg

Chantenay Carrots 2kg

Silverskin Onions 1 x 907g bag

Bacon Lardons 250g

Red cooking wine 500ml

Onions – diced 500g

Garlic – diced 0.5 bulb

Thyme – chopped 0.5 bunch

Tomato Puree 0.5 tbsp

Salt To taste

Pepper To taste

Olive oil For frying


100 Portions

Diced Beef 6kg

Onions 2kg

Chantenay Carrots 4kg

Silverskin Onions 2 x 907g bags

Bacon Lardons 500g

Red cooking wine 1 litre

Onions – diced 1kg

Garlic – diced 1 bulb

Thyme – chopped 1 small bunch

Tomato Puree 1 tbsp

Salt To taste

Pepper To taste

Olive oil For frying


  1. In a heavy saucepan heat enough olive oil for frying
  2. Once hot add the diced onions, then the garlic and cook for 1 minute
  3. Add the diced beef, season with salt and pepper, cook for 20 minutes on medium heat
  4. Add the bunch of thyme
  5. Add the wine and cook for 5 minutes
  6. Add the tomato puree and cook for a further 5 minutes
  7. Add enough water to cover the beef and cook for at least 2 hours on a medium heat
  8. Add the carrots to the stew and cook until tender (around 20 minutes)
  9. Add the silverskin onions and cook for a further 10 minutes
  10. Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper
  11. Serve with mashed potato and greens
Key Points
  • Marinading the meat in some red wine and mixed herbs the night before will add extra depth to this dish. If you do this, ensure you drain the meat safely in a colander to reduce the risk of oil splashing up when you fry it.