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Our Story

For almost 20 years we’ve been passionate about improving food quality in schools

Food For Thought was established in 2003 by a group of six Liverpool headteachers who had become disillusioned with the poor quality of meals served in their schools. Working together with a focus on initiatives to improve educational achievement, these headteachers were linked with the local Sure Start programme, the local NHS Primary Care Trust, and a number of local community groups, forming a task force to look at how to provide healthy school meals at an affordable price.

With initial local authority financial support, Food For Thought became a real and workable model for school meal provision that could be scaled to meet the demands of future partner schools. Today we serve over 50,000 meals a month to 20 Liverpool schools.

We strive to include as high a proportion of free range and locally sourced produce as we can. We’re very proud of the fact that in 2012 and 2103 we were awarded the Soil Association Gold Award – the only school meals company in Liverpool to achieve this prestigious standard in the quality and sustainability of the food we use in all our kitchens.